The make it happen mastermind Weekend


Created for Christian CEO's and business owners who want to reach the next level of business and make more money through collaborative working and learning how to invite God in their business.

the mountains of Colorado 
7/25/24 - 7/28/24

Are you feeling....

  • Defeated that you aren't able to reach your financial goals month after month
  • Frustrated that you aren't making the progess you wanted in 2024
  • Isolated and alone in your business and stuck behind your computer
  • In need of a breakthrough that will give you the encouragement to get to the next level
  • Not aligned with your business because it isn't rooted in your faith
  • Overwhelmed with all the decisions and challenges you face as a solopreneur
  • Ready to collaborate with other faith-driven women in business that you trust
  • Second guessing what your next move is to reach the next level of your business and make more money
You aren't alone! There are other business owners who are in your shoes. Looking for a mastermind and time to reconnect with god and others.

Let's Make it Happen

  • Make new discoveries on how to reach a whole new level of revenue
  • Walk away with new biz besties to encourage you in your business
  • Have a better understanding of what it means to partner with God as a business owner
  • Enjoy a weekend of rest and rejuvenation in the beautiful mountains of Colorado
  • Have dedicated time to work ON your business (not just IN your business)
  • Encounter “ah-ha” moments that will spur you into action in your business
  • Collaborative with others to solve problems and move past road blocks in your business

How would it feel to....

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  • Cultivating a mastermind mindset that opens doors to new opportunities
  • Diving deep into your relationship with God and inviting Him into your business to relieve the pressure that it's all up to you
  • Discovering what is holding you back for making more money in your business
  • Collaborating with other high level business owners to solve problems together
  • Figuring out how to make more money in your business
  • Creating a strategic, targeted plan to make more money in 2024
  • Forging new friendships with like-minded Christian business owners that will offer encouragement and support long after the retreat
  • Dedicated, distraction free time to spend ON your business
  • Walking away with an action plan to break loose the roadblocks in your business


Join us in the outskirts of Denver, Colorado for a weekend where you join with other high level business owners to collaborate, mastermind, and reach the next level of your business. All while building Christ-centered relationships and enjoying a restful time in nature.

Unlock new levels of your business and have time to dream, plan and brainstorm with other successful business owners.

How does this sound?

Enjoy a weekend in colorful Colorado growing your business and relationships while gaining accountability.



On the make it happen mastermind weekend you will....

Grow your relationship with God and learn how to invite Him into your business. Time for prayer and inviting God into your biz.


Connect with other Christian business owners so you don't feel alone and discouraged any longer! Make new biz besties who will love, support and pray for you.


Gain clarity in your business and how you can start moving forward boldly with God leading the way in your business.


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The Details

  • Thursday, July 25th at 4:00- Sunday, July 28th at 11:00 am.

  • A beautiful mountain property in the mountains outside of Denver, Colorado

  • All food & drinks are included (except one dinner out)



  • An amazing weekend that strikes a great balance between rest & renewal but also hard work and breakthroughs for your business.

  • On Thursday afternoon, July 25th you will join us for 3 days of fellowship, collaboration, discovery, food, and masterminding.

  • Walk away on Sunday with new friendships, new breakthroughs in your business, a discovery spotlight, fresh insight in your business, mastermind relationships, new ideas for revenue, refreshed spirit, tackled roadblocks, a deeper relationship with God and more!

What to Expect

I enjoyed being surrounded by Christ-centered women business owners applying God's truth to navigate their businesses. The experience struck the perfect balance between fellowship and moments of solitude, enabling me to focus on my significant work tasks while also fostering a deeper connection with God.

"Being able to walk away with tangible action steps that I have already implemented has made it even more worthwhile."


I was hesitant to go on this retreat thinking I wasn't far enough along in starting my business. I walked away feeling more confident in my business , a list of next steps to take along with connection to some amazing women!

"I am so glad that I was encouraged to attend."


The value of what I received continues to bless me personally and in my business long after the weekend itself. Sarah and Lisa did a fabulous job of leading us through practical, worthwhile exercises, from setting us up for success before we even left home to the scheduled activities during our time together in person. 

"I would highly recommend this experience! The investment was absolutely worth it!"


Don't Just Take
Our Word For It

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

ONLY  $2497

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Picture a weekend where you:
  • Discover who you are and what God has in store for your business
  • Reflect and analyze- what is working and what isn't in your biz
  • Create vunerability and allow others to braindstorm alongside you
  • Build community with like-minded Christian business owners
  • A discovery spotlight to break loose business roadblocks
  • Generate revenue building ideas for your business
  • Forge new friendships to help you along the way
  • Have time to renew your spirit and enjoy nature
  • Come away feeling like you moved mountains

Join us for a weekend in the beautiful mountains of Colorado for a time of inviting God into your business, prayer, collaboration, masterminding, revenuing building, and making new business besties. 

The Make It Happen Mastermind Weekend

Invite God and others into your business journey

  • 3 nights lodging at a beautiful property in the mountains near Denver, Colorado
  • All food, drinks & snacks (except 1 dinner out)
  • Fellowship
  • Devotionals
  • Discovery Spotlight
  • Deep dive into your business
  • Collaborative revenue brainstorming
  • Masterminding with other high level biz owners
  • Updated Headshot from LiLo Photography
  • Refreshment from life and a time to focus on your business growth
  • Emails leading up to the retreat to prepare you  ($497 Value)
  • Headshot with Lisa ($297 Value)
  • 1:1 group Voxer access before and after the retreat for continued masterminding ($547 Value)


All for

What's Included

are traveling costs included?

No. You will need to get to the location outside of Denver on your own. If you are flying, you will fly into Denver International Airport. We can coordinate/caravan from Denver to the location.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to I prepare to make the most of my time?

The weeks leading up to the retreat, we will be sending you emails to help you prepare so you can make the most of the weekend!

Is this a christian weekend?

Lisa and Sarah are Christians and that plays a huge role in their businesses. Therefore, there will be an emphasis on prayer, devotions and inviting God into your business. Expect to be challenged in all areas of your life and business.

A headshot? What is that about?

Lisa will be available to take a new headshot that will help you feel confident as you are taking your business to the next level. Our past partcipants have LOVED getting updated headshots to use for social media, websites and more!

will I have time to get work done?

YES! There will be times to get work done IN and ON your business. You can also expect time to mastermind, do group activities, concentrated quiet work time, refreshment and fellowship.

What do i need to bring?

Your laptop, bible, journal, your clothes (including ONE outfit for some branded photos), swimsuit (hot tub). All bedding, towels and food (except one dinner out) is included.

what are the sleeping arrangements like?

You will get your own bed, but you might need to share a bedroom and/or bathroom.

How many people will be there?

We want to make sure that everyone has a chance to do a business discovery spotlight where you will talk about your business, what you are struggling with and how you want to grow. Therefore we will be keeping the group under 8 women business owners.

We are Lisa + Sarah from the Christian Business Breakdown

We’re former teachers turned business owners who are passionate about helping Christian women become the experts of their business.

We equip you with the tools and skills you need to be an empowered CEO, making the best decisions to maximize impact and income for your unique business.

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